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What makes your international team special?
What is your key to success?

“A team is a group of individuals who work together to achieve the best possible results. In a team, members need to acknowledge and accept each individual for who they are; by valuing each other’s individuality they bring out the best in one another. Each person brings their own ideas and it is in weaving these ideas together into a dynamic plan that makes them a successful team.”

Being part of a great team can be a very satisfying experience. A well-performing team can
accomplish great things. In this training you will discover that success is largely determined by
people’s behaviour and how well their needs are met!

Possible Themesoutdoor21

  • Working Internationally
  • Forming Teams
  • What, Why and How of Teams
  • Teams in Our Global Business Environment
  • Developing & Communication: Mission, Vision and Values
  • Teamwork and Listening Skills
  • Team Role Preferences
  • Empowering your colleagues
  • Special challenges of future virtual teams


When you have participated in an Intercultural Outdoor Team Training
your team will be better able to:outdoor3

  • Assess the needs, responsibilities and motivations of its
  • international team members
  • Manage issues regarding how team members relate to one another
  • in international work teams
  • Recognize and influence the stages of team development
  • Improve the performance of your international work team

Your team and its challenges are unique,outdoor4
that is why our trainings are specially designed to meet its needs.

Employees who are preparing to work abroad or international project teams

Short presentation, outdoor team activities, group exercises, training videos, experience

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Your success is our motivation!